Case Studies

Client: Motorola Mobile Devices

Case Study (Strategic and Business Consulting Services):

With more than 10 million Linux®-based handsets shipped worldwide, Motorola is a leader in mobile Linux. Motorola’s software strategy is based on open, proven platforms that enable compelling consumer experiences. The client sought the assistance of Mobiscale LLC to develop a strategy for creating the industry’s first mobile Linux application platform. Of primary concern was the strategy for the development of a mobile application platform certification process and technology.

We recommended leveraging existing Linux server software technologies and application certification processes that could be adapted to work within the constraints of mobile devices. We undertook a data analysis phase that scanned all of the APIs of the client’s mobile Linux software and compared the results with the APIs included within the industry standard Linux Standards Base specification.

The client adopted Mobiscale’s strategic and business process recommendations, aligning with an existing industry standard certification process and maximizing the re-use of Linux technologies for mobile.

Case Study (Engineering Services)

Upon acceptance of Mobiscale’s strategic and business process recommendations to adapt existing Linux technologies for mobile, Motorola embarked on the engineering project to create and document a new mobile Linux application platform.

Mobiscale was asked to create a detailed project plan for documenting the new mobile Linux application platform. We worked closely with the client to create and to identify the required skillsets. The client needed to augment its internal team with expertise familiar with the Linux Standard Base Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The client engaged Mobiscale’s engineering services to provide a blended mix of technical resources to architect and document the new mobile Linux application programming interfaces. This documentation was targeted to applcation developers who were targeting Motorola’s mobile products.

Client: Temptalia

Case Study (Social Media Services):

Temptalia is a leading beauty and skincare resource with over 1.2M unique visitors each month. The client sought assistance in developing a Social Media strategy that would broaden their audience, increase brand visibility and accessibility, and identify key metrics for determining brand’s influence.

Development of a multi-prong social media strategy and subsequent implementation provided client with several Social Media tools streamlined into their marketing strategy to increase interaction between reader and client, heighten brand awareness across channels, and highlight client’s content via applications like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.


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