Who We Are – Why Mobiscale?

Mobiscale is a leading provider of strategic consulting and engineering services to clients ranging from small start-ups to companies in the Fortune 500. We operate as an extended member of our client’s leadership team to help plan and implement winning strategies. Our success is founded on our “5 Ps” –


  • Proven and experienced management team
  • Highly skilled, open source and mobile software expertise
  • Cost efficient, high quality offshore engineering centers
  • Access to a broad range of technical skills

Products & Services

  • Strategic and business process consulting services
  • Social media services
  • Engineering services


  • We operate as an extension of your management team
  • We have extensive relationships with open source and mobile companies and organizations

Process & Standards

  • Proven open source development processes
  • Predictable, repeatable software engineering processes using Capability Maturity Model developed by the Software Engineering Institute


  • Cost efficient, high quality offshore engineering centers
  • Flexible pricing model

About the name

Mobiscale represents our changing world where everything has gone mobile and the need for scalability in this new ‘everything mobile’ environment.

  • Mobile and global interaction: mobile devices, such as smartphones, have become our main tool to communicate and collaborate, anytime and anywhere.
    • With scalable solutions: both developers and customers want their investment to be preserved and scaled to support the frequent releases and upgrades of different hardware and software platforms.
  • Mobile and global workforce: Off-shore and on-shore teams are now part of the every day workforce, dispersed across geographies and with different cultures.
    • With scalable services: as the workforce becomes more mobile, the technologies, leadership and human services provided to support the mobile workforce also need to scale to support all sized organizations, from a start up to a global corporation.

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